our lady of guadalupe commission

by | Jan 28, 2022 | art

More satisfying than painting is co-creating!

I love to help create someone else’s vision into a reality. 

I made this painting of “Lady of Guadalupe” based on a picture my friend sent me from Pinterest (picture on the left). She asked if I could do something similar to it. The picture she found was not exactly what she wanted though. She wanted Mother Mary to have a face. 

When she reached out to me, I was about to go to an art residency in Cassis, south of France. I packed up all the art supplies I could and was ready for the adventure.

Cassis is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I didn’t need much there to wake up inspired during the residency.  

It was such an enriching experience. I met amazing people, spent a lot of time painting, drawing, hiking, savoring plenty of pain au chocolat for breakfast, and visiting neighboring towns. Even my mom came to visit!

The painting was almost finished by the time the residency ended. I wasn’t able to make the final touches there because the thick oil paint didn’t dry in time. So I carefully carried the canvas on the plane and finished it when I was back in Virginia, USA.


I asked my friend if she wanted me to ship it to Brazil. She told me she wasn’t in a rush and I could bring it whenever I came to visit next.

I made plans to go to Brazil about a year later. Again, I safely carried the canvas on the plane. When I arrived, she asked her son to pick me up from the airport. Who, by the way, was my ex-boyfriend from college (I’ll tell you about that story another time!)

Now, the painting lives in my friend’s room and it’s a nice touch to her place. 

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